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Buying Illustration

The price of any illustration project is governed by three simple factors


Usage / Rights

How much exposure will the work receive;

will it be used for worldwide advertising or only for a small print project?



How long will it take to create the work; is the task a small  single image, a full page spread or a wall mural?

Some illustration styles are by their nature complicated and time consuming



This is a difficult factor to define.
All illustration is unique, however some illustration styles are rare, hard to replicate therefore justifying a premium..




Project process

Our agency has a simple method of working which   prevents confusion. All our projects are accomplished in three stages


1 Briefing

We agree the task , time-scale, objective and fee. We sign an agreement defining the reproduction licence so that 50% of the commission fee can be invoiced.



2 Concept

Wherever possible the illustration will be shown partially complete.

This gives the client an opportunity for amendment before the illustration has progressed too far.

This work is often transmitted as e-mail attachments for speed and convenience.


If for any reason the client decides not to proceed with the commission a rejection fee of 65% of the total project value will become due.


3 Completion

The illustration will be completed incorporating any amendments agreed and then delivered within the deadline. It is possible to make final adjustments at this stage however if these exceed the original brief, we may reserve the

right to negotiate a further fee based on an hourly rate.

On successful completion the balance of the fee (50%) falls due.


If for any reason the client rejects or cancels the finished illustration, a fee of 85% of the total commission will fall due.

Copyright of commissioned illustrations will be assigned to the client when agency's fees are paid in full.


Buy outs

A buy out of all copyright for an artwork may be expensive as the Agency has to consider the commercial value of every imaginable scenario. Please  talk to us about your needs as a fair price can always be defined to everyone's satisfaction.




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